Meet our dedicated team

Johan de Temmerman and Nesten De Sutter came up with the idea to turn their passion for outdoor spaces into their profession. Fascinated by outdoor living they would like to share the endless possibilities to create marvelous outside  spaces

Both previously had a job where they traveled all continents of the world. The ways in which other cultures deal with outdoor spaces and nature was fascinating and infectious. Today they want to bundle these experiences and influences in the creations of fully-fledged outdoor spaces in their own country.

The two look at a terrace of an apartment in the same way a designer looks at an outdated house in need of renovation. When people renovate their apartment or house, they call on an interior architect. Why does this logic not yet apply to a terrace or a balcony?

A Groenterras makeover is fully furnished to the taste of the residents:

  • a custom-made vertical garden,
  • comfortable chairs and/or custom-made dining area,
  • mood lighting,
  • decoration in 3D (the height is also used) and often multi-functional:
  • an outdoor design waste bin with integrated herb garden,
  • a wall rack that can be folded out to a table,
  • a chair with storage space,
  • a structure where plants can climb on and which can also be used to hang lamps or patio heaters.

We are convinced that we can realize a private paradise by giving your terrace, balcony or patio a makeover. A place that will contribute to your daily comfort & good feeling!


Johan de Temmerman

Johan lives in the city center and lives more on his terrace than in his house.

Nesten De Sutter

Nesten lives out of town with his family; in fact, they live more in the garden than indoors.
Green Wendy

Wendy Pieters

Wendy is our designer and she finds her inspiration mainly on her roof terrace.

Groenterras is the trading name of Profijt BV
RPR Gent – Company number BE0719.819.578

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