Why do we believe in a terrace upgrade?

We are convinced that people who have a terrace, balcony or patio possess “gold”, but are not able to valorize it. More than ever, people attach importance to outdoor space and greenery… and rightly so! How come the vast majority simply do nothing with their balcony or terrace? Why not a green terrace? Contact us for more information

When we walk through the city we are always confronted with the same phenomenon: Terraces only show some cheap garden furniture, here and there a few pots with unhappy looking plants, next to a PMD bag and an empty beer container… You can see this phenomenon both on the edge and in the center where apartments are sold very expensive.

In this we see our reasons for existence

We want to offer our services to create quality outdoor spaces in order to break through the dullness of the contemporary cityscape. Why not a few green terraces in every street? A terrace upgrade becomes a fully-fledged terrace room; a space that looks green and beautiful both indoors and from the street.

Our vegetable varieties will enhance the living environment and the housing market. Add to that all the benefits of greenery in the city: greenery improves the local climate and air quality. Green serves as a muffler and green promotes mental and physical health.

The climate is something that affects everyone. We have to reduce CO2 emissions. By creating more green we prevent overheating and remove CO2 from the air. We therefore think in terms of vertical gardens, custom planters and herb containers. We use mature climbing plants and trees.

We are convinced that terrace optimization with a focus on greenery is a win-win situation for the terrace owner, secondly for the neighbors and thirdly for the aesthetics and quality of life in the city.

Ghent, for example, has 150,000 buildings. If each building creates 2m² of extra greenery, this means 30ha of extra greenery in the city in the relatively short term. This appears to be an easy target to achieve.

And because an image sometimes says more than a thousand words, below you will find some random photos of our street scene, as well as some photos of successful projects abroad where we get our inspiration

Groenterras waarom lelijk_1

Why Groenterras?

Groenterras waarom lelijk_2

This can be better

Groenterras waarom lelijk_3

Why Groenterras?

Groenterras waarom lelijk_4

This can be better

Chicland - Vietnam


Il Bosco Verticale - Milano

Il Bosco Verticale

Maison Edouard Francois - Paris

Maison Edouard Francois

Parkroyal - Singapore

Parkroyal on Pickering


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