Terrace in 3D instead of 2D

Groenterras creations: we upgrade existing terraces, balconies and patios into full outdoor rooms. We create added value for residents by making optimal use of the available outdoor space, with a green accent!

Our green terrace interiors only rest on the floor. It is not anchored in walls or floors.

Don’t be put off by the seemingly limited space of your terrace. We realize “outdoor rooms” on terraces from a depth of 80 cm.

The total weight is never more than the weight of about 3 people. This allows it to be placed on any terrace.

To illustrate this, you will find a green terrace render video that gives you an insight into our working method. Also check our pictures before & after and projects section to get an idea of what a green terrace can do for you. Or follow us on facebook and instagram

Tailor-made pleasure for all your senses

Groenterras gets the most out of all dimensions of your terrace. We also use the often forgotten height measurements. Moreover, we always work with a mix of customization and carefully selected elements.

In our groenterras creations you’ll find for example our vertical gardens. These have a built-in water buffer and can be filled in according to your choice: from fragrant flowers and garden herbs to vertical vegetable gardens in the city. We also offer subscriptions to maintain it.

Lighting is essential for a green terrace. In particular, we work with mobile-operated LED spots. In this way we realize that each corner or plan can be highlighted separately.

We solve any problems of your outdoor space during the design:

  • increase privacy
  • ugly sight “erasing”
  • break wind
  • sun blinds and/or outdoor air conditioning to cool (and keep mosquitoes away!)

We also advise which pots and planters will enhance your space. In the same way, we look for the best furniture and accessories.

Summarized: each outdoor area is individually approached according to your wishes. Like this, we transform your outdoor space into a green terrace, a true private pavilion.

Wij geven advies welke planten het best tot zijn recht komen op jouw terras, rekening houdend met jouw specifieke voorkeuren naar kleur, geur en onderhoud.
Een beperkte ruimte heeft nood aan een op maat gemaakte oplossing. Het comfort van meubilair met aangepaste kussens is een must have.
Upgrade je buitenomgeving tot een echte woonomgeving. Denk aan verlichting, verwarming, muziek, kussens, tapijten, spiegels...

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