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Projects that show the impact of our services. A terrace undergoes a true metamorphosis, which makes the experience of your outdoor space feel different. Moreover, it also stimulates the atmosphere in the house. After all, your living space is in direct contact with your terrace, balcony or patio, which also gives you a better feeling indoors.

Do you have a large terrace, a medium-sized courtyard or a rather small balcony? Groenterras offers solutions for every project. Our team designs with an eye for detail. We mainly take into account your personal situation. Benefit from our expertise and get the most out of your outdoor space.
Enjoy the peace when you come home. Live your terrace!

We are happy to highlight some of our realizations:

outdoor space vs
outdoor joy

A city garden with some grass and plants… but certainly not used optimally

transformed into a green paradise

Curious about
the makeover
of your city garden?

There used to be room for a small table. After our input, you can comfortably dine with 10 people. To make it extra cosy, we made a pergola on which lanterns can be hung. In the future, a “wisteria” will also profile its foliage, flower and fragrance there.

An elongated planter and pond were installed that serve as a separation between the terrace and lounge area. To compensate for the difference in height, we installed a staircase in an organic form

The existing plants were kept and pruned where necessary. Extra trees and climbing plants were added to hide unsightly views and to create more privacy

With appropriate bamboo fencing, gates made of ironwork, beautiful and comfortable furniture, planters and lighting, we get a fairytale result. This family has already made the click to live more outdoors

sun and
shadow terrace

An apartment with 2 terraces… both in need of a makeover

transformed into a sun terrace and shaded reading area

Curious about
your sun or shade

To make optimal use of both terraces, we first had to create privacy. Custom elongated planters were anchored along the entire length of the terrace. On the south side, a curved metal construction was also made that serves as a pergola.

To make the whole thing lighter, the walls were whitewashed and the existing plank floor was exchanged for pebbles. Both in a light color to increase the sense of space.

A custom outdoor cabinet provides storage space, but also serves as a table to put something out of your hands. The bamboo furniture with comfortable cushions is extremely light so it can be moved easily.

The orientation of both terraces was taken into account when choosing plants. This allows us to integrate a selection of greenery where something happens all year round. Both in terms of bloom and fragrance. The flowering of one plant ties in nicely with the awakening of the other. As an eye-catcher we place a palm tree that immediately creates a southern atmosphere.

The terrace can also be enjoyed at dark thanks to the dozens of LED spots that have been integrated everywhere.

Triangle patio
sounds like music

A triangular courtyard… unfortunate in terms of surface you would think

optimized to a child-friendly terrace

Curious about
a total concept
of your courtyard?

Making a triangle patio sound like music. The assignment itself also sounded like music to our ears

Given the limited surface area, we opted to install the planter at a height. A job that should not be underestimated and that certainly paid off.

The pergola structure and horizontal cable guides not only provide boundaries and intimacy. They also serve as a support for plants so that the corpses are erased.

Furthermore, a floating bench was mounted with underlying plants and lighting. The space gained can be filled in as desired. A table is added when guests arrive. Or everything is cleared if the children have free play.

mini city balcony
maxi make-over

A typical city balcony, small surface area, outdated flooring and balustrade and ugly partitions… Can something be made of this?

transformed into a private garden pavilion

Curious to see
the make-over
of your balcony?

New wooden decking was installed, on which a custom-made bench was placed in the same material. This sofa has an integrated flower box in which a fragrant creeper (Tuscan jasmine) is planted, which will find its way along the framework over time.

On the other side, a vertical garden with irrigation system is created with about 50 shade-loving herbs, plants and flowers. Everything in separate jars, easy to maintain and replace.

Finally, everything was decorated with comfortable outdoor cushions, mobile lighting and outdoor carpets

new terrace

A terrace of a newly built apartment… The owner worries about how to make this cozy and ends up with us? View the project before and after

transformed into a southern tinted private resort

Curious to see
the optimization
of your terrace?

A nice example of terraces before and after: the existing tiles were replaced by recycled wooden planks. In this same high-quality wood, a bar tablet was worked out, and a flower box over the full length of the balcony. A mix of grasses and flowers was planted in the flower box to promote diversity.

The ceiling was finished with bamboo, which provides a southern and warm feeling. This bamboo also serves as a guide for the creeper (wisteria sinensis) that was planted in an eye-catcher flower pot, together with an adult pear tree. This flower pot was repeated in the interior to harmonize the interior and the exterior even better.

Naturally, a vertical garden could not be missed. A wide range of herbs and flowers was chosen. Everything in separate jars, easy to maintain and replace.

Finally, everything was highlighted by a multitude of LED spots, easy to move and mobile operated.

tiny soulless courtyard

A tiny courtyard of 3 by 2 m, and also surrounded by meters high walls… previously it was only used as storage space for garbage and empty beer cans

transformed into a playful bar area with lounge net

Curious about
the optimization
of your patio?

In order to make optimal use of the limited space, we thought vertically. A frame was made so that a lounge net could be stretched. This construction is very light and invisible. However, this intervention ensures that the outdoor space almost doubles in size.

The ugly shelves on the left wall were completely camouflaged with erica mats. These mats continue up to the custom-made furniture, which also incorporates a cortensteel bar tablet. You can store garbage, bbq and the like in the furniture.

To give the whole a playful character, colorful bar chairs were chosen in combination with RGB lighting.

In the corner we place a quince tree and a little further a climbing hydrangea that will take up a large part of the wall in time. This also gives beautiful flowers in the season. To integrate even more greenery without suffering from a lack of space, a long planter was placed at a height. We opted for a mixture of evergreen and fragrant. Everything was provided with an irrigation system.

city garden and
roof terrace version 2.0

four walls in the city, a garden that looks more like a courtyard…

transformed into a green oasis of peace

Curious to see
your city garden
version 2.0?

Our assignment was to create a green outdoor space that would look as if it had been there for years. A major asset was, of course, the age-old weeping willow, which was joined by numerous native and exotic trees.

The construction of a water feature, surrounded by rough granite block plates, creates a separation between different places where it is wonderful to stay. On the one hand, openness and sunny spots were taken care of, and on the other hand, cool shady corners were created.

The corten steel constructions ensure that the climbing plants have free play. The wooden decking – recycled wood – provides warmth on a beautiful summer evening. Live your terrace!

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