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Welcome to our groenterras blog.

To our great surprise, we notice almost every day that hardly anyone does anything with their outdoor space. A terrace, balcony or patio in an urban environment is often only used for garbage bags and empty beer crates.

Hence our groenterras blog where we as a company want to draw attention to the possibilities of optimizing terraces. It is our mission to help people in the city with their outdoor space.

For architects and interior designers, the living space usually ends at the sliding glass door.  And for landscape architects the small scale of these assignments is not attractive enough.

The climate is something that concerns everyone. We have to reduce CO2 emissions. By creating more greenery, we prevent overheating and remove CO2 from the air. So we think in vertical gardens and in the use of mature climbing plants and trees.

Our team is convinced that terrace optimization with attention to greenery is a win-win situation for firstly the terrace owner, secondly for the neighbors and thirdly for the aesthetics and quality of life in the city.

Ghent, for example, has 150.000 buildings. If each building creates 2m² extra green space, this means 30ha extra green space in the city in the short term. This seems an easy target to achieve.

With this green terrace blog we want to occasionally mention topics that inspire the greening of our outdoor spaces. We can only applaud our own initiatives, and we are happy to offer our services to those who cannot see the wood for the trees.

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QUOTESalways create a good feeling

On the terrace, in the sun, nothing at all, pure happiness

The terrace is the only place, even if we sit alone, where we don't feel lonely

Happiness is not in big things. Happiness is terrace, a gentle breeze, coffee and favorite music

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