Pictures of our terraces give you a better understanding of what to expect from a green terrace.

The terrace photos below give an idea of ​​how far we can go. Every project needs a personal approach. That is why we make a 3D visualization beforehand so that it is clear what the customer can expect from a project.

In our section terrace pictures “projects” you can see 3 realizations of green terraces of different sizes. We can design a green terrace for both the city balcony starting at 3m², as well as for the penthouse luxury terraces with a large surface.

We also have a number of terrace photos that can serve as “inspiration“, but we at green terrace consider each project as unique. Not only unique in size and orientation, but also in taste and personal preference of the users.

Not convinced yet, feel free to contact our team to view more terrace photos and images of balcony and patio projects. The feeling of a green terrace is unfortunately difficult to capture in a photo… If you are interested, we can also take the time to visit a green terrace project so that you can feel the atmosphere and assess our customization in detail.

Finally, we also regularly post some green terrace photos on our social terraces Facebook and Instagram. We also recommend that you occasionally take a look at our groenterras blog.

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