Demand for greenery is growing

17/08/2023by Nesten0

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for greenery, outdoor space and a beautiful view has been growing.

A new residential project – the Gardens of Eden – is being developed on the outskirts of Antwerp, where an attempt is made to mix simplicity and nature with the buildings. A vision that naturally appeals to us, Groenterras. The building complex is being developed next to an existing park. This Park of Eden is the main eye-catcher of the entire project, but paradoxically, that is also the greatest difficulty: the residential area that arises here must be in harmony with the natural environment.

To meet the demand for greenery, much attention was paid to the outdoor space between the various buildings. In this way, nature is allowed to creep into the residential zone. For example, all apartments have large terraces or balconies that bring in the surroundings. A large terrace or balcony is one thing, making it green and cozy is another.

View our projects and photos and get inspired to transform your terrace or balcony into a green terrace!

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