Real estate realizes the importance of greenery

17/08/2023by Nesten0

The real estate business fully realizes the benefits of more green in the city

The city garden of the future: the green terrace

Whoever walks around in a city will notice that there is little greenery to be found besides a few parks. Johan de Temmerman of Groenterras wants to change that. His company transforms small and large outdoor spaces in cities into green outdoor rooms. Groenterras, here we come!

A Groenterras is tackling EVERY POSSIBLE outdoor space in the city, whether it concerns a balcony, a terrace, a courtyard, …. whether it belongs to an apartment or a house, anything the orientation is.

‘Tackling’ means that we transform these into greened outdoor rooms. To do this, of course, we also use the height. If there are no walls, we will make a light, detached metal construction for hanging greenery. Vertical gardens (available in any size), mature climbing plants and mature (fruit) trees form the basis of a terrace in 3D. Lighting with spiked spots to the planting from below creates a fairytale atmosphere as soon as it gets dark. If there are no sockets, we look for options in solar energy or battery lamps that can be charged indoors. This is the basis that is then further elaborated according to the wishes of the customer with possibly a different floor, adapted furniture, outdoor air conditioning, outdoor carpets, sun blinds, windbreak, etc. The result is an outdoor room that often becomes the favorite place in the house to have coffee. to drink, to have aperitifs, to read, to chill,….

With a green terrace you can solve almost all ‘issues’ of outdoor spaces with regard to increasing privacy, ‘erasing’ lesser views or camouflaging unsightly corners. The problem of garbage bags lying around has also been taken into account: we work with herb bins/flower boxes with an integrated drawer to put away rubbish bins. From 3m² to 200m² it is always possible to set up a green terrace. With multifunctional furniture it is possible to do a lot in a minimal space.

How does it work concretely? Anyone who has an outdoor space, or anyone who wants to buy/sell a house with outdoor space for example, where it is not immediately clear what the possibilities are, can ask us to make a study of it. Then we measure in detail, make a design in 3D with a cost estimate. Anyone who wants to have the design executed will receive it ready and ready as agreed

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