Tips for decorating your terrace

08/09/2020by Nesten0

Tips for terrace decorating: the most important tip we can give you is to call on a professional to realize a concept. A terrace design is crucial for your greenterrace. In addition, we can give some tips that can also contribute

1. Avoid cheap decoration

Try to invest in quality and not in cheap decorations that garden centers bombard you with. Ultimately, the following applies here: cheap is expensive.

2. Invest in lighting

This is really the most common mistake when it comes to decorating a patio or balcony! Most people don’t even think about lighting. You want it to stay cozy when it gets dark, but you also don’t want to be unable to see each other. Therefore, invest in good garden lighting for the best result.

3. Clean up!

An obvious simple tip for terrace decorating: Clean up and throw away! Unnecessary decoration can now really be removed. Take a good look around your terrace or balcony and see what you really like and what you would rather not have anymore. When in doubt, get rid of it! The quieter and ‘cleaner’ the garden or balcony is, the more you will enjoy it.

4. Work with dimensions

Often the height of a terrace is not used enough. Play with dimensions and don’t just think of floor or wall coverings, but also look at your ceiling

5. Planting

Get good advice from a professional and ensure that your space is optimally filled. Take into account sun and shade, leaf and blossom loss, water supply and maintenance.

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