Wood, tiles, natural stone or concrete!

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Wood not only gives your greenterrace character. There are also many practical benefits. Compared to other floor finishes, it is a light material, which is certainly a plus on existing terraces and roofs. The carrying capacity is limited. If you choose a material that is too heavy, you have to reinforce your roof or terrace structure, which is not always possible.

Furthermore, wood feels pleasantly warm. Perfect for those who like to walk barefoot or in stockings. Choose a hardwood species that does not splinter and, in addition, only use wood with a high natural durability. Tropical woods are no longer responsible from an ecological point of view, but there are many contemporary alternatives. Reclaimed wood, or thermally treated woods, such as bamboo or ash.

Tip: you can also get wood in tile format, and planks in combination with boulders can also give a nice effect


Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are useful for finishing a roof terrace quickly, stylishly and maintenance-friendly. They are also light and can be supplied with a non-slip coating, which is certainly recommended on a roof terrace. Furthermore, ceramic tiles are very dimensionally stable, making them easy to install.

Tip: leave enough joints open for smooth drainage. Ceramic tiles do not let a drop of water through.


Natural stone and concrete

Tiles in natural stone or concrete are also perfectly possible on a roof terrace. Keep in mind that this involves a lot of extra weight. Your roof must therefore be strong enough. The thickness of natural stone tiles depends on the type of stone, but quickly increases to three to four centimeters to provide sufficient strength on tile supports. For concrete tiles, the thickness can sometimes reach up to six centimeters.

Tip: opt for calibrated tiles with a dimensionally stable thickness. Because the tiles do not rest in a mortar bed, you have much less space on a roof terrace to correct thickness differences.

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